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We deliver comprehensive back office solutions

Globi offers a back office support service that goes above and beyond to keep your organization moving through the lightning pace of the business world. Please don’t concern yourself with recruiting and vetting efficient staff for administrative support. Our highly-trained and flexible team has all your needs covered.

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Back office support services that keep your operations seamless

We are one of the most comprehensive back office support outsourcing services, tapping into every non-client facing need of a growing business. Our team stays in the shadows while we solve all the administrative challenges that arise in your organization, swiftly providing resolutions that work parallel with your business ambitions.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Our back office support service isn’t here to be the face of your business. We offer our expertise to help your business succeed. Globi’s back office support services inc include recruitment, training, and IT services that will keep your operations running swimmingly, overcoming any obstacles that may usually block progress.

We support the core of your business so you can scale to the moon.

You have a grand vision for your business. Why not leave all the menial tasks of organizational operations to us? We save you time, money, and resources rather than hiring in-house. Globi is a practical resource in scaling any business category, including eCommerce back office support services.

Our outsourced customer service support can be as comprehensive or elementary as possible. You can customize services in parallel to your organization’s requirements.

Discover Talent

See one of the best outsourced customer support companies at work.

Team Management

We train, onboard, and manage our teams according to the brand vision. 

Performance Dashboard

Clients can monitor our customer service analytics for better decision-making. 

Maintain quality

Get reassurance your brand remains competitive through quality service.

Always improve

Enjoy consistent metrics that facilitate improvement across the board. 

Pricing Model

Straightforward pricing to get the ball rolling.

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