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Give your customers the gift of premium support

Globi is your ultimate customer service outsourcing resource

Excellent customer support can be the difference in scaling your business to the moon. We dedicate ourselves to providing the most comprehensive services, including client assistance, back office, and technical support outsourcing service. See why so many prominent businesses leverage our digital customer support outsourcing.

Globi is an organization specializing in providing exceptional digital services by tapping into the most skilled and talented workforce. We transform your business prospects by delivering first-rate assistance to your customers, providing excellent experiences, and growing your client base.


One price for a complete solution

Save time, money, and effort into outsourcing customer service and support teams that springboards your business growth. We offer a competitive price for support solutions that align with every need.


We understand your vision

Our vast experience allows our team to fit your goals, ambitions, and guidelines seamlessly. There's no need for excessive training or curating workflow systems.


Discover a passionate, competent team

You won't find outsourced support services so dedicated to your business. Globi's international team is knowledgeable and ever-learning on how to provide the best customer service in line with your brand.

No stone gets left unturned in our comprehensive suite of customer support. Globi offers communication services that range from digital customer support, including email support, online chat, and service within various popular messaging apps. We’ll give your customers the positive experiences that springboard your business’ growth.

Globi understands the significance of back office support to keep operations running smoothly. We offer training, recruitment, accounting, and other back office services that provide a more functional core for your business. You focus on growing and hitting your targets while we keep your organization purring in the background.

Why Globi?

Globi is one of the world’s only ‘plugin and plays’ solutions for outsourced customer support services. Leading-edge brands enjoy our modern approach to support while benefiting from our unique pricing plans that save companies up to 50% in their traditional service models. So why outsource customer support with Globi Services?

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Extensive experience in customer support
  • An adaptive and modern approach to client assistance
  • Scalability to your business’ growth
  • Omnichannel coverage
  • Outsource technical support in an instant
  • A positive work environment that prioritizes wellness and education of our team

Begin Your Journey to Success Here

Initial Strategic Onboarding

Your dedicated onboarding manager will take a collaborative, hands-on approach to project management, providing tailored strategic guidance to help build your new high-performing team. From roadmapping to official launch, every detail is meticulously considered and precisely executed to create measurable results.  

Sourcing the Best Candidates

Let our experienced recruiters help assemble your fully customized team, curated from our extensive network of industry connections. We’ll work diligently to find candidates with the ideal skillsets to match the unique needs and dynamics of your business. From sourcing and headhunting, to screening and interviewing, we’ll present the best team members to drive your business forward.  

Team Member Training

We’ll facilitate training and build industry-specific documentation for all team members, helping them integrate into the company culture, while understanding core values and performance expectations. If additional certifications are required, we will help establish a plan to ensure employee certifications are up to date. 

Execution and Implementation

After the process of training and certification is complete, your newly built team is ready to meet your productivity standards with 100% dedication to your organizational goals. Each new team member will be assigned a manager to monitor performance, and we will regularly measure progress of KPIs in relevance to company goals and objectives.   


Our Blog

One of the best BPOs we have ever partnered with! Globi is more like an extension of our team! We really love how they care about each and every single team member, happy employees, happy customers 🙂 The sweet spot about Globi is they always offer customization, omni-channel support and have capacity to scale.
Erik C.
CEO, H&P Inc
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