About Us

We Guarantee Growth

Globi was founded on a simple belief that there is skilled and qualified talent everywhere in the world, and companies that stay within their hiring “comfort zone” may miss out on the incredible perks of a geographically-diverse workforce.

Who We Are

We are a cutting-edge customer support team with vast experience supporting and growing leading eCommerce brands and other prominent industries worldwide.

Our Mission

We drive the mission of connecting global businesses to our premier and comprehensive customer support services with a dedicated, knowledgeable, and efficient team.

What We Do

We provide digital customer support services for your customers in various industries, such as eCommerce, travel, hospitality, finance, outsource IT services, etc.

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, and that's why it's vital to ensure complete satisfaction and excellent experiences with your business. Globi Services offers outsourced digital customer support services to ensure your clients provide the growth you seek.

Our Story

Globi Services began in 2017 to bring more opportunities to business with prestigious customer service. We developed holistic and far-reaching solutions for companies wanting to leverage the growing number of communication tools. Our insight helps organizations create positive experiences with brands, helping their growth with audiences worldwide.

We take a modern approach to outsourced customer service, adapting to the ever-changing needs of a niche client base. Globi’s team features personnel with international experience, passionate problem-solvers, and capabilities to learn and adapt swiftly.

Our outsourced customer support services continue to thrive today, given our ability to transcend client experiences, connect to new audiences, and, most significantly – scale your business. Trust our competency in meeting your business targets with a technical support services team that goes above and beyond for your customers.

Some Numbers

100 %+
CSAT / Promoter
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You may ask how to outsource customer service?

Globi Services is always your answer.